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With constant changes in cardiovascular care, your solutions have to change too. Yet wouldn’t it be best if you could keep what works, rather than completely overhauling your cardiac care environment?

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular keeps the familiar imaging and reporting environment that has helped you achieve your current productivity, while adding functionality that will help you keep pace with advances in cardiovascular care. The patient-centric delivery model extends traditional care environments, offering deep clinical functionality without overburdening an increasingly strained IT budget.

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IntelliSpace Cardiovascular Workspace working in conjunction with your Philips CVIS system is at the heart of our integrated software solution, providing access to relevant images and information anytime, virtually anywhere.

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IntelliSpace Cardiovascular in conjunction with your Philips CVIS system is designed specifically with you in mind to help streamline clinical workflow and improve operational performance across your entire cardiovascular service line

  • Clinical

  • Access the data you need for deeply informed patient care

    Advances in medicine mean care for heart patients is more complex. As imaging and monitoring improve, you have access to more and more data and images to help you make decisions. We can help you access all that information in meaningful ways that can translate into operational efficiency and outstanding patient care. In addition to the clinical advantages, easy access to information helps you explain diagnosis and therapy to your patients, enhancing patient confidence and satisfaction.

    See how you can easily access the information you need, all in one place.

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  • Operational

  • Financial

  • Advanced Functionality

    More than just a workspace IntelliSpace Cardiovascular brings you enhanced functionality.

  • Advanced Analytics

  • A data mining tool that can help you analyze and improve your operational workflows for greater efficiency.

    Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Generate insightful reports that can help you make informed clinical and operational decisions with confidence by adding Advanced Analytics. This data mining tool helps you easily and quickly assess how your department is running. The solution comes standard with frequently used reports that you can begin to use immediately or quickly tailor to your specific needs. Your IT-savvy personnel can also create custom reports with access to database views.

    Learn what Advanced Analytics adds to your current solution.

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  • Diagnostic Guidance

  • The Philips Experience

  • With Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular, networking cardiology starts here

    IntelliSpace Cardiovascular kennenlerne


    Meet IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

    IntelliSpace Cardiovascular was designed specifically for the needs of our customers clinical workflows and can be improved and optimized throughout the cardiovascular treatment sequence.*

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    *The reporting tools and workflows may vary according to market requirements.

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