Creating value in every choice

Creating value in every choice

Find an X-ray solution that fits your workflow and budget

You’re all about improving care, working efficiently, and adding value for your patients and your institution. We’ve got you covered.

From cost-effective solutions that deliver reliable DR images, to premium fixed/mobile systems that showcase leading-edge technology, we are continually innovating to address the broad diversity in today’s imaging environments.

Within our portfolio you will find the perfect system to meet your individual requirements:

  • Digital Radiography – Future-proof your X-ray system with highly customizable solutions. From new digital X-ray rooms to mobile units, and upgrades, you’ll recognize a commitment to value and versatility.
  • Digital Radiography / Fluoroscopy – With our DRF systems you are ready to perform virtually any R/F examination. Whether your requirements are remote controlled or conventional, we can outfit your fluoroscopy room to suit your needs.
  • Digital Mammography – Get outstanding image quality and non-contrast spectral imaging applications in a fast and comfortable low-dose mammogram with MicroDose SI.

When compromise is not an option, you’ll discover Philips solutions provide innovative technology, superb image quality, clinical excellence, and exceptional ROI.

Imaging solutions that empower

Hear from clinicians around the world who've found the tailor-fit X-ray solution to address their specific imaging requirements.

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Standout technology may help increase your procedural effectiveness. We want to offer you a glimpse into one of our latest innovations by offering you access to a downloadable whitepaper.

  • Grid-like contrast enhancement for bedside chest radiographs acquired without anti-scatter grid – SkyFlow technology

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